Welcome to Raising Rystedts! I’m Gabrielle, a mom to three kiddos in three years and the chief writer here. I love being a wife and mom, keeping house and chronicling my favorite tips and tricks on the blog.

I’m passionate about natural living, from limiting the processed foods that we eat to carefully choosing our clothes and entertainment. We employ many natural parenting practices, from holistic pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding, cloth diapers and babywearing. As our kiddos grow, this will expand to include Montessori education and homeschooling, as well.

In addition to our family life, my husband and I also own a creative firm. He does web development and I write full time. It’s a crazy balance with both of us working from home, but we make it work.

I hope you stick around and find encouragement in your parenting journey! If you’d like the latest updates delivered to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the loop.

January 15, 2018