Upcycling Adventures: Turning a Shirtdress into Two Toddler Dress Shirts

I always thought that sewing for little boys was way less fun than sewing for little girls. No dresses, frocks, ruffles, or cute little accents. Just pants, dress shirts, and loads of straight lines. When Kyriakos surprised us (me) by being a boy, my hopes for sewing matching little dresses and bows for Paisley and…


Upcycling Adventures: Turning a Women’s Shirt Into a Toddler Dress

Part of our quest to sustainable fashion and textiles is making the most of what we’ve already got on hand. When kids are in the equation, it can be a little challenging to make clothes stretch beyond a certain point. Because growth spurts 😉 One of the ways I’m trying to cut down on the…

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Father’s Day Sensory Paintings

Sensory Painting

Father’s Day this year was an exciting time for our family. It was Joshua’ and Paisley’s first official Father’s Day, as well as my dad’s first Father’s Day as a grandfather. To celebrate, we enjoyed a lovely cookout and fellowship time with one another, and of course, there were presents. Having a new baby automatically…