Can We Stop Trying to “Normalize” Breastfeeding?

It probably seems weird for me, a breastfeeding mom, to ask people to stop trying to “normalize breastfeeding”. If you scroll through my Instagram feed, or even my Facebook for that matter, you’ll probably find places where I’ve actually used that very hashtag. You see, I’ve never really thought critically about what I’m saying when…


Changing Prenatal Care Providers at 28 Weeks. Why I Did It.

Shortly after finding out she’s pregnant, one of the first decisions the expectant mom must make is where she’s going to go for her prenatal care. When I found out I was pregnant with Baby Rystedt V3, I started looking for providers that would be more supportive of my desire for natural birth than my…

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Raising Confessional Children: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Flat lay of baptismal candle, catechism, pacifier, and Playmobile Luther

Paisley is two. Two is a hard age – for both parents and the poor little ones who are actually two. This year has definitely been the biggest year of change for Paisley developmentally and so on. (Although I have a feeling I’m going to say that with each new year of my babies’ lives.)…

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Ashes: On Lent and Raising Confessional Children


Today is Ash Wednesday: the day that signifies the beginning of the season of Lent in Catholic and confessional Protestant churches. Many will attend Mass or church services where they will receive ashen crosses upon their foreheads, among the other essential elements of the Divine Service: the Word and Sacrament. Tonight, Josh and I will…