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Introduction to the Littlest Book Reviewer

In my past life (aka before I became a parent), I was a book reviewer. I partnered with various publishers and authors and was given loads of free books in exchange for honest reviews. (I really love free books.) And while I don’t have time to sit down with grown up books anymore – or really anything that makes me think or focus for more than about 2.45 seconds – I do still enjoy sitting down and reading books with Paisley. We often read a mix of children’s classics and excerpts from my personal childhood favorite, Anne of Green Gables (call me crazy, but I think that literature is a great gift to impart to my baby).
I thought that a fun and refreshing take on the book scene would be a book review column written from Paisley’s point of view. At the moment, she’s a bit pre-communicative, so reviews will focus on her concentration and other non-verbal cues displayed during a book reading. We’ll also feature cute pictures (babies + books = could it get any cuter?!) and tips for Mom and Dad about parent-entertainment and child-friendliness ratios (ex. are kids’ favorites doomed to be parents’ least favorites?).
Paisley’s first book review should be debuting in the next week or so, so check back a little later for some fun! You’re going to love this.

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Gabrielle Rystedt
Gabrielle Rystedt
Gabrielle Rystedt is a writer by day and a writer by night (because writers never sleep), who spends time balancing client orders, a couple of books and her blog at Raising Rystedts. She’s a business school grad who’s dabbled in management, both at the project and company level. She loves coffee and crafting, and enjoys settling down with a good book. Though as mom to three kiddos in three years, she realistically spends most of her time reheating her coffee and typing away like a crazy person on a laptop keyboard while surrounded by (clean) cloth diapers and cheddar bunnies.

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