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Review III: Put Me in the Zoo

Paisley’s review book for this week was read to her by her daddy, Joshua. On Saturday, my two lovebugs cuddled up on the futon to read the Seuss classic, Put Me in the Zoo (which was actually written by Robert Lopshire). Our version is a board story book, so it is an abridged version of the full length beginner book of the same title, which is primarily for older children. Obviously, I don’t have a problem with reading long books to Paisley, but the board book is nice because she can chew on it or throw it across the room without ruining it.
Here’s what Josh and Paisley had to say about Put Me in the Zoo:

Put Me in the Zoo

Paisley’s favorite part: Paisley was very focused on this story. We’re not sure whether it was from a genuine interest in the tale or if she was just plotting a course of attack for chowing down on the pages.
Dad’s favorite part: Josh didn’t like a lot about this book. However, he did appreciate that it teaches colors in a fun way and that the story is bouncy and high energy – perfect for keeping kids involved.
He mentioned that he didn’t like how it wasn’t much of a story and was aghast when I told him it was only an abridged version. Moral of the story: don’t dilute books (or at least don’t tell Daddy they’re diluted).
Baby friendliness: This book is super baby friendly: from the length, to the color, to the characters, and the appetizing pages, this book is stellar for the under one set.
Dad-friendliness: Josh didn’t like this book. Mercifully, it was short.
Recommendation: According to Josh, Paisley didn’t love this book so much that he would be willing to give it five stars. He’s a little disappointed that it only teaches colors and nothing else, and while Paisley did enjoy it, the story wasn’t so throughly engaging that he would try to read her the full version or anything. They recommend it with four out of five stars.

Put Me in the Zoo

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