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Hello Friends,

I’m so glad you’re joining me for this series. As you may know, this is my first time doings blog series so you may see some things you haven’t seen around here before. Thrifty living is a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately, as Josh and I have made career changes with Paisley joining our family and have been dealing with normal life stuff like medical bills, back taxes (welcome to suck-ville), and cars that randomly decide to kick the bucket. It’s been quite a year to challenge my money earning/ money saving creativity and has caused us to make lifestyle changes that can help us through this financial tight spot and help us save money in the future, as we add more children to the clan and save up for larger purchases.

I hope that these thrifty ideas will help to inspire you to make small changes to save money – whether for paying bills or surprising your spouse with a fantastic Christmas gift. These ideas are not always a quick or easy fix, and might not work for every family, but they should be accomplishable by those determined to save some serious money. If we can do it while juggling four jobs and a baby, you can certainly do it too!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this series:

– The Nearly Free Baby (Year One)
– Frugal Foodies
– A One(?!) Car Family
– Cutting Cords
– Breaking Up With Paper
– Earning Money From Home (without selling your soul – or body wraps)
– Family Generosity Policy

(Links will become live as we explore each topic, so please check this post often to find out more about these ideas.)

Until next time,

Thrifty Living

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Gabrielle Rystedt is a writer by day and a writer by night (because writers never sleep), who spends time balancing client orders, a couple of books and her blog at Raising Rystedts. She’s a business school grad who’s dabbled in management, both at the project and company level. She loves coffee and crafting, and enjoys settling down with a good book. Though as mom to three kiddos in three years, she realistically spends most of her time reheating her coffee and typing away like a crazy person on a laptop keyboard while surrounded by (clean) cloth diapers and cheddar bunnies.

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