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Weekly Chore List

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I hate doing chores. It seems like living with kids means that everything is always a mess. Even once you’ve just cleaned it up.

And while I realize that having children in a home inevitably means that things will get messy, I also hate phrases like “excuse the mess, but my children are making memories” or “a clean house is a sign of a wasted lifeso much.

For the first year of mothering, I kind of embraced the mess. I figured that we had a baby, so things were just going to be messy. Also, I was tired. Who wants to clean when they’re tired out from baby care?

Things ultimately ended up getting shoved to the weekends: clean the bathroom, scrub the kitchen, do the laundry. Forget the floors, windows, anything else.

When I was pregnant with Colm, nesting set in early. Things got scoured a lot more regularly and I started developing routines for doing other important, neglected chores – like the floors (hallelujah). But still, all of the chores were relegated to the weekend, which meant that our few chunks of family time would get taken up with the most mundane tasks.

When I started working from home, I couldn’t live with the messy house throughout the week and wait until the weekend to cram all the chores in. So instead, I developed a chore chart that lists chores to complete for each day of the week.

This way, when we make it to Saturday, we’re not groggy from a week of working and starting down a grimy bathtub. Instead, we can spend time with the kids, which is something that makes everyone happier!

So without further ado, here’s my handy dandy weekly chore list:


  • clean kitchen counters
  • bleach sinks (kitchen and bathroom)
  • wash dishes
  • do laundry
  • sweep floors
  • tidy up


  • clean toilet


  • change sheets


  • scrub tub


  • scrub floors


  • wash out trash can
  • dust

And then we play!

By splitting up the chores to a few minutes everyday – and seriously, it only takes a few minutes – we gain back at least half a day of our weekend. Though honestly, it’s probably an entire day that we get back, because I spend so much time building up the dread of a giant chore day so it takes me forever to get everything clean once the day arrives. Maturity.

Most days, the chores are done before 9AM, minus, of course the stuff that has to get cleaned up after every meal and after we’ve finished cooking for the day. Plus we do have an every other day rotation of cloth diaper laundry thrown in a few nights a week.

Staying clean and organized is easy when you take it little by little. Have you noticed a difference when you break up daily chores throughout the week? Or are you a weekend chore doer? Share your favorite cleaning tips and tricks in a comment below!

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Gabrielle Rystedt is a writer by day and a writer by night (because writers never sleep), who spends time balancing client orders, a couple of books and her blog at Raising Rystedts. She’s a business school grad who’s dabbled in management, both at the project and company level. She loves coffee and crafting, and enjoys settling down with a good book. Though as mom to three kiddos in three years, she realistically spends most of her time reheating her coffee and typing away like a crazy person on a laptop keyboard while surrounded by (clean) cloth diapers and cheddar bunnies.

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