Nourishing Tummies (Recipes)

“Caprese” Grilled Cheese

I have a confession to make. When we eat healthy, it is kind of boring. Yes, we do eat healthy most of the time – it’s just not interesting enough to share with you here. There are only so many things you can do with a piece of lettuce, ok. And I’m sure you’ve already considered like 95% of them.

So let’s make a deal: when I share unhealthy recipes, please don’t think that this is all I cook. Because it’s not.

Let’s review: Healthy food = generally boring; unhealthy food = kind of awesome
Glad we cleared that up.
There is something magical and terrible that happens on the non-grocery shopping week. Normally, I make a menu for each day and purchase ingredients for preparing those meals. Normally, I get burned out and beg my husband to break the budget and grab us Chick Fil A for dinner (he does not). This leaves a conundrum: random ingredients and no energy to make the dinner I had planned. So I have to get creative.

Last night, I had on the menu a roasted vegetable lasagna. PSHT! What possessed woman writes my menu?! In the real world, I had a phenomenally grouchy baby to manage, a blog post to write, about 3 hours worth of freelancing work to submit, a bathroom to clean, and laundry to fold and put away. (Not that you care about my chore list.)

I REALLY didn’t want to cook dinner but I had to, so I resorted to one of my quick weeknight classics: grilled cheese. And since I was planning on making a lasagna, my fridge was stocked with a lovely variety of cheeses. It was a perfect fit.

I decided to nod in the direction of my original lasagna intention so I improvised with some ricotta, mozzarella, tomato paste, basil, and pepper. Yum.

The bread

Bread cream cheese and caprise

Generously add pepper

Spread cream cheese on bread

Add butter

Finish frying the grilled cheese


Just eat this. It’s delicious!

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