Nourishing Tummies (Recipes)

Ultimate Guide to Toddler Snack Pairings

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Paisley here (with some spelling help from Mama) to cover one of my favorite topics: food! I love to eat and talk about food constantly (cookies, anyone?) and thought that it might be fun to share with you my favorite snack combos. These are hands-down my favorites and I know they’ll be hits with the toddlers in your life, too. Enjoy!

Waffles and Peanut Butter

Waffles – or “hot” as I usually call them – are super delicious and pretty easy for Mama to make quickly. With a little peanut butter spread across the top, Mama is happy that I’m getting something she calls “pro-teen” and I’m stoked for the chance to dip my fingers into the little squares oozing with sticky spread. Sometimes it’s really fun to paint the table with the peanut butter and throw little pieces of waffle all over the floor when your belly gets full before the snack is finished.

Fruit and Water

Fruit is my favorite food right now and Mama says that the summer weather makes it simple to find lots of fruit in the store. I really like watermelon and strawberries, but almost any combination will do. Pair with a tasty cup of water and you’ve got yourself a refreshing afternoon snack. Yummy!

Raisins and a Book

Sometimes while Mama makes dinner I can scream loudly and threaten to pull her pants or skirt off as I attempt to climb her. She says that the knives and stove are dangerous and that she can’t hold me while she cooks. I don’t think that I believe her but when I scream loud enough, she gives me a bowl of raisins and a book to read in the kitchen, far away from the hot oven. Sometimes it truly is the simple pleasures that satisfy…

Bananas and Carpet

One of my favorite morning routines is sneaking off from the breakfast table with a hunk of banana (“nama”) undetected. Mama says that food needs to stay at the table or in the kitchen but she doesn’t know what she’s missing. I’m telling you, she is always so excited when she finds the stolen nama pieces later on in the day – or even days later – tucked away in the back of my tepee or under the bookshelf. But the real magic happens when you can get your hands on the carpet-y nama pieces before Mama finds them and hoards them in the kitchen to herself. Some magical combination of crusty and mushy, these darkened nama hunks make an unforgettable treat any time of the day.

Coffee and Tears

Mama and Dada are obsessed with special cups they call “coffee”. But they don’t like to share them with me. Here’s the deal: I want coffee. It’s taken a while, but I’ve been developing a strategy that gets Mama to share her coffee with me almost every time I ask. The secret? Crying.

Now, I’m not talking small peanuts “you shut the bathroom door so I couldn’t following you in” crying… No, that wouldn’t work for this mission. I’m talking about a “fling yourself on the floor, bash your head into the couch, jump off of chairs” type of all-on tantrum. Not only does the tantrum distract Mama from her coffee long enough for it to cool to a palatable temperature, but it gives you the benefit of Mama feeling bad that she ever denied you that which you desire. Enter coffee.

By this point of distraction and frustration, Mama will leave the coffee cup unattended long enough to get paper towels to clean up a coffee puddle that you spilled on the carpet (it happens, ok) or will be too busy trying to settle you down that the coffee will be forgotten. At this moment, you must gather all of your sneaky powers and quickly down as much coffee from the mug as you can. Bonus points if you can tip it from Mama’s hands and into your mouth before she notices.

You won’t get as much coffee as you want. That never happens. But I cannot stress enough how delicious this hard-earned treat is. And when the saltiness of your tears mixes in with the coffee as you swallow half and backwash the rest for Mama to find later, you’ll notice an unmistakable umami flavor that makes the effort to acquire your coffee well worth it. Drink up!

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Gabrielle Rystedt is a writer by day and a writer by night (because writers never sleep), who spends time balancing client orders, a couple of books and her blog at Raising Rystedts. She’s a business school grad who’s dabbled in management, both at the project and company level. She loves coffee and crafting, and enjoys settling down with a good book. Though as mom to three kiddos in three years, she realistically spends most of her time reheating her coffee and typing away like a crazy person on a laptop keyboard while surrounded by (clean) cloth diapers and cheddar bunnies.

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