Nourishing Tummies (Recipes)

13 Tips for Adding More Veggies to Your Diet

Everyone wants to eat healthier, and adding veggies is a great way to accomplish this goal! At the best, healthy eating helps us to lose weight and feel better physically. At a slightly less pure level of intention, eating healthy gives us cheat room for foods we really love and/or wine. All. The. Wine. (I…

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Raising Confessional Children: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Flat lay of baptismal candle, catechism, pacifier, and Playmobile Luther

Paisley is two. Two is a hard age – for both parents and the poor little ones who are actually two. This year has definitely been the biggest year of change for Paisley developmentally and so on. (Although I have a feeling I’m going to say that with each new year of my babies’ lives.)…

Nourishing Tummies (Recipes)

Why We’re Not Vegetarian (or Vegan)

Flat lay of produce

After my last post, which chronicles our journey to a whole food diet that’s basically vegetarianism with a few small meat excursions, you might be wondering, “When are you going to go full vegetarian or vegan?” This is a fairly logical question, and one that Joshua and I asked ourselves along our journey to cleaner,…