Nourishing Tummies (Recipes)

13 Tips for Adding More Veggies to Your Diet

Everyone wants to eat healthier, and adding veggies is a great way to accomplish this goal! At the best, healthy eating helps us to lose weight and feel better physically. At a slightly less pure level of intention, eating healthy gives us cheat room for foods we really love and/or wine. All. The. Wine. (I…

Nourishing Tummies (Recipes)

Why We’re Not Vegetarian (or Vegan)

Flat lay of produce

After my last post, which chronicles our journey to a whole food diet that’s basically vegetarianism with a few small meat excursions, you might be wondering, “When are you going to go full vegetarian or vegan?” This is a fairly logical question, and one that Joshua and I asked ourselves along our journey to cleaner,…